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Maisto pramonei


FINATUROL D augalinis aliejus tešlos dalintuvų ir duonos pjaustymo pelių tepimui.

FINATUROL D yra 100%  augalinės kilmės produktas be GMO ir be gyvulinės kilmės riebalų. Gaminamas augalinų aliejų ir maistinių priedų pagrindu.


FINATUROL D is a 100% vegetable product, GMO free and without animal products.

It is based on a mixture of vegetable oils and food additives included in the positive list of the Regulation (CE) n°1333/2008.

FINATUROL D is NSF 3H registered.

It meets American laws regarding direct contact with food according to FDA,

21 CFR 182-184.

It meets the European laws concerning food processing aid, most of all the Regulation (CE) n°1333/2008.

FINATUROL D has been approved by French food agency (DGCCRF) for use as a food processing aid in bakery (maximum residual quantity in dough is 3 g/kg).

FINATUROL D meets Europeans laws 1829/2003/CE et 1830/2003/CE regarding GMO labeling.

FINATUROL D does not contain any allergenic food ingredient in compliance with the Regulation (UE) n°1169/2011 - INCO

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